Shipping & Returns

US Shipping

Our shipping policy is simple. ALWAYS FREE*, anywhere within the U.S.

We try to ship your order the same day you place your order. If we receive your order too late for same day shipping then we ship the next business day or we’ll get in touch with you. See “ Ordering Information.”

If your package weighs less than two pounds we usually ship via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail.  If your package weighs over two pounds we usually ship via Federal Express Ground.  Our preferred method of shipping is Federal Express Ground.  Of course, since we pay the shipping charge we reserve the right to use any shipping method available, depending upon the specific circumstances of your order. That means for some particularly heavy book orders we may choose to use a slower "book rate" method via the USPS. However, if we do choose to use a particularly slow or unusual method we will attempt to contact you first to explain the situation and discuss your options.

*See "Special Urgent Shipping" below.

International Shipping


We do not normally ship outside the 50 United States, but if you contact us, we can quote you a shipping cost for any item in our inventory.

Special "URGENT" Shipping

You may also request special shipping services such as Federal Express Overnight (for either U.S. or international shipments) but then the full cost of shipping will be added to your order.

To request special services (such as overnight shipping) simply explain your request in the “Special Notes” box at the bottom of the Payment Information screen as you complete your order. Of course, you may also phone, fax or e-mail your special request.


While we strive to satisfy every customer, there are some rules to which we must adhere. For example, there are No Returns of any items except in the case of defect or damage.

We have signs in our store that read, “The secret is told after the trick is sold.” In other words, once you purchase a magic effect the secret is revealed to you.

If you decide you don’t like something after you buy it, it is impossible for you to return the secret. You can’t return the knowledge of how the trick works. Since you can’t return everything (both the prop and the secret) we are unable to return your money.

We use great care to avoid shipping defective or damaged items but mistakes can happen. If you do receive a defective or damaged item we will gladly exchange it for an identical item. We will also refund your return shipping costs! Simply contact us for return instructions.

This means you should choose your magic selections carefully. When you choose an effect remember, you are choosing an effect not necessarily a method. Make certain the effect is what you want. If you have questions about the method, ask. We will do our best to help you make an informed decision.

The descriptions on our site are either printed by the manufacturer or they are written by us after we have reviewed the effects. We do our best to ensure the descriptions are accurate and that the effects will do exactly what they are supposed to do.

If you need help deciding, please ask us. We’re happy to offer opinions, suggestions and advice before you buy, all at no extra charge!