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FREEZE is a startling effect, and is truly a great sensory effect! Although the bottle is factory sealed, it is an effect you will want to keep very close at hand! If you pass the bottle around and someone breaks the factory seal, and/or attempts to open the bottle, or worse yet, attempts to drink the water, you are going to have a potentially DANGEROUS situation on your hands, because the water is POISONOUS, although not environmentally dangerous !!!

When you are finished with the effect, you want to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you have possession of the “FREEZE” bottle, AT ALL TIMES!!!

Especially, make certain this bottle does not become confused with any other factory sealed water bottles!!! This would result in a VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION, again, because the water in the “FREEZE” bottle, although not toxic, is very POISONOUS requiring EMERGENCY (as in 911) TREATMENT!!!

BE ADVISED, the water is POISONOUS before/during/and after the “FREEZE” effect!!! Get rid of the prop ASAP!

As long as you remain in control of the sealed bottle, you will have an amazing effect, but I’m only apt to use it in situations where I have absolute control of the bottle and it returns to my control immediately after examination by any audience member. Be extremely careful when showing this effect to children (Make certain the water does not come in contact with any part of them)!!!
Date Added: 05/14/2009 by Richard Porter

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