Mondo Monte

Date Added: 03/15/2009

5 stars

This is a fantastic illusion! It requires some time to master(some Slight of Hand, completely explained in the instructions), but it certainly pay's off in the illusions overall effect, which makes you appear as a "master card handler".
The illusion is a version of a "Three Card Monte" which is performed entirely within your hands, It requires the participant to reveal to you the "odd card" "Front, Middle, or bottom card" within a three card stack, Of coarse your "victim" is always wrong, but you eventually persuade them to select the correct "Odd Card", ending the trick where you began.
The illusion requires a reset, but that simply requires you to reset two cards within the stack and that can be done easily as you move to a new "victim".
The beauty in this illusion is in the provided "scripting" and if you follow it, you will certainly provide an entertaining illusion to all who observe it.
by Richard Porter