Card to Wallet ( Poche a Poche)

Without a doubt, the best version of Card to Wallet.
Why? Because there is no need to palm the card! 

If you have seen or even practiced "Signed Card to Wallet" (The card signed by the spectator disappears from the packet, then it appears in the magician's wallet.)

This great effect guarantees big reactions from spectators and has been performed by many magicians. 

Even though it is a great effect, it is NOT easy to master. 
This is because it's always been necessary to palm the card. Scratch that-- it WAS necessary. 

Now with this version entitled "Poche A Poche", "palming" is not necessary! 

This gimmick instantly changes the impossible into possible for all magicians. 

One card is freely chosen by spectator and the card is returned to the deck.
When the cards are spread out, it's clear that the card has already disappeared from the deck.
The magician places the deck into the pocket in his jacket. 

The magician shows his sleeves and hands, but they are empty. The magician reaches his into the back pocket of his pants, and from there takes out his wallet. 

He mentions that both his hands are empty and nothing is found in his sleeve. Nothing was concealed... The wallet is opened and one card is found. 
(The wallet even can be handed to the spectators, so the spectators can open the zipper of the wallet to find the card.) 

The found card has the spectator's signature!! 

DVD French & English


  • Model: poche
  • Manufactured by: Murphy's Magic

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