ShowCase Wallet

Simply opening and closing the wallet can produce cards from nothing. Print your address and photo onto blank paper; restore torn pieces; or transform any small item into any other small item. A simple z-fold design makes it easy to do. Swich anything put on one side for something on the other side.

Michael uses this wallet all the time in at his professional shows. Usually he'll keep one or two in his pocket and have it ready for when someone asks for a business card. Previously sold in vinyl, this wallet is now beautifully made in leather with attention to all the details.

The wallet has many possibilities:

Transform a color drawing of your business card into a printed version.
Solve problems by restoring a shattered business card.
Produce money for a meal by writing a wish on a piece of paper.
Turn playing cards into your business card.
A drivers license and credit card can turn into family photos.
Switch out regular playing cards for gimmicked cards and vice-versa.
An empty case can magically refill with business cards.
The effect: Someone asks you for a business card. You open this wallet and show it empty, claiming "shucks, I'm all out of business cards." Close the wallet, give a quick shake, then say, "But if I do this, they all come back again!", opening again to reveal a full set of business cards have appeared!

There are other possible variations too: such as turning money into business cards, torn pieces into business cards, someone elses card into your card, etc.

A simple design makes it possible and it's easy to do.

  • Model: 2146

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